Welcome to Karoo

This is Karoo, CGC's web authentication service. Web-based services use Karoo when they need to know who within the client base is using them.

To register for Karoo-site please send an email at info@cambridge-geoconsultants.co.uk. Following the receipt of your request you would be sent a unique user name and password.

Using your id and password, you can access your designated space on CGC's site where you can view and download documents, data relevant to your project. 


Always log out after using a Karoo-authenticated site, to prevent others from accessing your personal information and visiting web sites using your identity. The best way of doing this is to completely exit your browser.

If for any reason you can't exit your browser you should first log-out of all personalised sites that you have accessed and then explicitly logout from Karoo.

Changing your password

You can request a change of password anytime. Simply send an email request either using our contact form or by writing to us at info@cambridge-geoconsultants.co.uk

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