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Gravity Acquisition

CGC is proud to announce its new Gravity and Magnetic Acquisition services from 2020. Kindly enquire for more details at

Gravity and Magnetic Data processing and interpretation

The acquisition and interpretation of gravity and magnetic data are essential components of oil & gas exploration campaigns, offering crucial independent information to complement seismic methods. Gravity data are particularly useful to delineate structural elements and can be used, in certain cases, to estimate the depth of the basement. Similarly, magnetic data are essential for mapping basement formations and magmatic intrusions.

At CGC, we have assembled a team of experienced G&M professionals who can offer a large of services, including processing and re-processing, acquisition QC, qualitative interpretation and quantitative modelling.


Re-processing can greatly improve the quality of vintage datasets. Such projects would first involve an assessment of the data quality. Depending on the type of data (airborne, marine, etc.), various methods can be used to bring your data to the standard of modern products. Processing deliverables would typically include a database containing the original and the final processed data.


  • Qualitative interpretation
  • Estimates of depth to magnetic basement with automatic methods (tilt-depth, 3D Euler deconvolution, local wavenumber, etc.)
  • Depth to basement mapping
  • Modelling of complex salt structures
  • 2D profile modelling
  • 3D inversion