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26th April 2021

An update on Skype CGC account calls-

It has been verified that the recipients from CGCltd had accepted calls from CGClld account. 

We are pleased to announce that our Skype account has been found to be uncompromised and urge users and colleagues to make sure they verify the identity of the caller as being genuine prior to accepting calls and therefore assist us in avoiding any further inconveniences to all concerned.

Administration CGC.

26th April 2021

Dear Colleagues, I have been informed just now that some calls were made using CGC's skype ID that were NOT from CGC.
If any of you have received such calls or communications from CGC that seem out of character, kindly inform us at
Our IT unit will be working with Skype to investigate this matter and we apologise for any inconvenience caused in the duration.


16th April 2021

Where is the sense in Radioactive Energy? Talk by Dr. S.Ramone
HHT at the usual Premises.
Tea and Biscuits provided. Drinks from Cost Cutter with CGC card.


Picture5.png(Prospective Target Identification in one of the onshore Blocks of Timor-Leste. From the Prospectivity of Onshore Timor-Leste Report produced by Cambridge Geoconsultants)

Onshore Timor-Leste Prospectivity Report Produced by CGC

Analysing the prospects for oil and gas in the onshore blocks of Timor-Leste, CGC summarises its outcomes in the Prospectivity Report for Timor-Leste's Licensing Round of 2020/21.

Details of the Licensing Round can be found at

For any technical questions on the Prospectivity Report which uses CGC's proprietary Frontier Exploration Methodology of IGTI, please contact us at



CGC and Zebra Data Sciences 

Frontier Basins and Emerging Technologies

on the 29th of November 2019

at the 

Bullard Laboratories,

Madingley Rise, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0EZ.


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