Seismic methods are the closest we can ever get to knowing the internal structure of earth...


CGC is proud to bring to its services 2D,3D onshore seismic acquisition services.

CGC also provides pre-acquisition seismic feasibility service which assesses in broad terms the survey feasibility and requirements. A detailed pre-acquisition survey normally follows after the seismic feasibility service.


Seismic exploration is process of searching for commercially viable subsurface deposits of crude oil, natural gas and minerals by the recording, processing, and interpretation of seismic waves reflected/refracted through earth's internal layers.

At CGC, we provide services for Seismic data Processing and Interpretation.


As processing of recorded seismic waves  is a key steps  to achieve a robust subsurface geological and structural model,  therefore the importance of high-quality processing of seismic data cannot be overemphasize.

At CGC, we have professional and extensive experienced scientists to process both 2D and 3D seismic data sets from basin around the globe in both subtle stratigraphic and complex geological environments. Our processing unit works in consultation with our seismic interpreters and is supervised by experienced geophysicists and geologists at every step.

We provide a variety of world class processing services which include:

* Land, Marine and Transition Zone Processing 
* Multi-component and OBC data Processing
* Aide Azimuth Data Processing
* Depth imaging and advanced imaging
* Environmental near surface imaging
* Reservoir Characterization



Seismic interpretation is at the heart of our company's forte. Our area of expertise as a consulting firm is the application of geology and geophysics to clarify the exploration and production problems faced by our Client. We have dedicated and experienced team members for interpreting seismic 2D and 3D data sets and to produce robust seismic models. 

Seismic deliverables are client focused and some of the standard deliverables from the interpretation workflow would include:

* Seismic Interpretation and Mapping (Horizon Picking to Attribute Analysis)
* Well Correlation and Well-Seismic tie up
* Fault Interpretation (Fault Picking, Correlation, Fault Geometry)
* Seismic Attribute Analysis
* Reservoir Characterization
* Seismic Inversion and AVO Analysis
* Rock Physics and Geo-Mechanics

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