Intelligent Geological Target Identification

Intelligent Geological Target Identification or IGTI is CGC's proprietary Frontier Exploration and De-Risking tool applicable for de-risking exploration projects in the Oil and Gas and Mining industry.

IGTI relies on pattern recognition methodology through CGC's global data base. The first study to develop the concept of IGTI was undertaken in the USA using data specifically for the presence of salt domes in the state of Louisiana. Over 5000 site entry data were used mainly from opensource data published by the USGS and several control data that were contributed by private oil companies in the US.

In Louisiana, IGTI was used to predict the locations of salt domes and then possible targets for oil wells. The success in Louisiana led to the application of IGTI in Zambia in Lake Tanganyika. The method de-risked the exploration in the block by a notable 74% and a similar application in South Sudan's Jonglei basin by an astounding 84% narrowing the target significantly. 

The first commercial application for IGTI was in Croatia for Block DI-16. IGTI was able to identify one basin in the region out of the output that gave four targets. The comparison of the results from alternative methods pointed towards high accuracy. 

In 2020 CGC produced an IGTI assessment for the prospectivity of Timor-Leste's onshore blocks. IGTI identified potential oil and gas reserves in this highly lucrative onshore region. An exciting outcome of the work done within onshore Timor-Leste, was the validation of the prediction that was carried out quite recently through the outcomes of the drilling programs in the Suai region.

Taking the outcomes from the IGTI one step further, the coherent finds from the results of FTG and seismics conducted post-IGTI, conclusively makes IGTI an extremely powerful frontier exploration tool in today’s day and age.


  • The strength of IGTI lies on the use of openly available data and its ability to scale models back and forward in time.
  • IGTI results can be tuned with time as more and more data become available.
  • Target delineation through IGTI is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way for exploration.


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